Monday, March 26, 2007

Roundup for Mar 26, 2007

Hey, it’s been a while. It is about time I took this sleepy old blog out for a stroll, you think? I hope to get back into it all with a regimen of doing mini-link festivals [that is, the usual thing] every few days, off any specific schedule.

But until I can catch up to the webby world, already in progress, here goes with some good, good stuff that has been piling up in my head that is at least tangentially [and usually directly] related to the glorious buddhoblogosphere. It all simply demands to be shared!

Lighter Footstep

First off, y’all simply must check out Christopher “Kit” Baskind’s latest endeavor, Lighter Footstep [Link!], an online magazine that teaches us “actionable ways to lead a lighter lifestyle.”

Kit is best known in the buddhoblogosphere for the splash he made with the incredibly handsome and charming Paper Frog that graced the web up until about a year ago. Frog Blog was rolled up and left to hop around in a quiet pasture, but Kit re-emerged, behind the mask of Miso, with Big Red Buddha [Link], the buddhoblogosphere’s equivalent of the famed satirical The Onion. More recently, Kit started blogging the now-defunct more minimal [link to archives] the forerunner of Lighter Footstep.

LF shows us how to lead a greener, more earth-friendly life. I count 21 article blurbs on the home page [not including more delights in the sidebar] that link to full stories within the e-magazine. Here are some of the topics now being featured: Green Cities, composting, Al Gore’s congressional testimony; the first in a column dealing with trash in our cities; efficient light bulbs; green celebrities; feng shui; recipes; and terrific new enviro-technologies.


Many of you are likely to know Zenmar [aka, Ardent or The Zennist or Muni Butsu], the rather-mysterious and authoritative master of dark zen who made quite a splash in the halls of AOL beginning way back in the 20th Century. While Z has been blogging for a while, it has all been behind the guarded doors of AOL in The Buddhist [link]… until recently. Z has now joined the vibrant ocean of bloggers with his new typepad blog, The Zennist. His most recent post, “Zen mandala,” discusses the beauty and meaning of mandalas, both generally and from ceremonies he attended relating to Tibet Week.

morgannels in Sentient City

A Greenwich Village organization launched an online magazine, Sentient City, that includes an essay, “It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Dreaming),” by the buddhoblogosphere’s morgannels of the same-name blog. You can read morgannels’ morgannels post, “I’m a Author,” that links to his long, magnificent far-flung essay which relates to dreams; reality; Jung; Freud; the Blooms, Leopold and Harold; Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche; Genesis; the Big Bang; Cervantes; Milarepa; Shakespeare and Hamlet and John Lennon. Well, maybe not John Lennon, or maybe just a little tiny bit, sorta. Whispered words of wisdom, let it be.

A few quick other words ….

Will Buckingham of thinkBuddha is days away from the release of Cargo Fever, his novel. And Cliff of This Is This has a post that has been included in Shaggy Blog Stories, a collection of interesting posts that have appeared in the UK blogosphere.