Friday, June 10, 2005

Blogmandu on hiatus

As many are sure to have noticed, Blogmandu has missed posting a report the last couple weeks.

Due to other time pressures, I am suspending this blog for the time being with a hope/expectation of starting up again in the Fall.

Response to this blog has been uniformly positive and very gratifying. I am grateful for the email and the blog entries that have mentioned and often praised this blog. I am grateful, too, for the links at blogrolls of some of the best Buddhist blogs on the Internet. Too, I am humbly grateful to Buddhist photographers who have granted me permission to post their wonderful photos in Blogmandu.

It has been an especial pleasure reading Buddhist blogs to the extent that I have in the last six weeks. The quality of the blogs and the sincerity and genius of Buddhist bloggers is exciting.

During this summer, I hope to learn better, more-efficient ways of writing the Blogmandu Report. has a daily feature of political content in the blogosphere. This feature was the inspiration for Blogmandu, but I know the reporting here could not touch their high standard -- though I was happy that I was able to get a bodacious number of links in in the 1000 words or so that I felt was optimum for my weekly reports.

I am also hopeful of placing Blogmandu somewhere other than in Zen Unbound this Fall. This was always the intent. One Buddhist internet website showed an interest, but changed course, deciding not to become a multi-blog as planned. Another internet webspace demurred at the prospect of picking up this free blog. Sigh.

Any case, from some home or another [I know I'm always welcome at Zen Unbound!], I hope to start reporting again in the Fall.

Blog on,

Tom Armstrong; Blogmandu Reporter